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Biodegradable packaging materials

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                   Biodegradable packaging materials

Packaging waste forms a significant part of municipal solid waste and as such has caused increasing environmental concerns, KINYI technology Limited designs the biodegradable packaging in order to reduce amounts of packaging waste. Among other materials, a huge range of oil-based polymers is currently used in packaging applications. They are largely non-biodegradable and particularly difficult to recycle or reuse due to mixed levels of contamination and complex composites. In recent years, the development of biodegradable packaging materials from renewable natural resources (e.g. bagasse / bamboo / paper fiber pulp) has received increasing attention, particularly in EU countries. Significant progress has been made to produce biodegradable materials with similar functionality to that of the oil-based synthetic polymers. It is anticipated that, as the materials are from renewable resources and biodegradable, they would contribute to sustainable development and if properly managed would reduce their environmental impact upon disposal. http:// www.paper-pulp.comBiodegradable cup tray packaging

KINYI technology Limited is professional on the recycled products.It is the view of KINYI that biodegradable packaging materials are most suitable for single use disposable packaging applications where the post-consumer use packaging can be locally composted as a means of recycling the materials. Establishment of appropriate collection, transportation and treatment technologies are considered crucial to the success widespread applications of biodegradable packaging materials. KINYI can all accept customized in the following products and there are various materials, colors and surface effects to choose from:
1). Customized molded pulp industrial packaging;
2). Molded pulp eggtray, fruit trays, cup trays, cake trays and food trays;
3). Molded pulp end products like white masks, crafts, flower pots, trash cans and wall paper;
4). Any other molded pulp products.
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