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Industry News
After molded pulp packaging become known in China, people gradually realize the economic use of the straws, bagasse and other natural fiber. These natural fiber can be beaten into ...
Molded paper pulp products (Abbr. MPP) use recyclable paper, reed pulp, sugar cane pulp, plant peduncle and fruit shell as material, it is 100% recyclable....
The production process of molded pulp products can be simply summarized as: pulping, forming, drying (hot-pressing) and cutting....
Bagasse pulp paper production Bagasse is used for each of the four main paper categories, namely packaging and boxes, inserts and tray. KINYI Technology Limited specialized in diff...
Eco-friendly products are products that do not harm the environment, whether in their use or disposal,
Biodegradable packaging is a new trend to instead of plastic packaging. Biodegradable packaging material is recycled, eco friendly and compostable, this packaging materical has bee...
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